Our Mission

Tactical Traders strives to be on the forefront of market analysis and equity speculation. Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for stock traders and investors to collaborate for their financial goals. Our mission is to provide easy-to-source educational and financial information for clients.

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Our Analysts


Alias: Tactical Investor
Style: Swing Trading / Investing
Email: codey@tacticaltraders.com

Codey studied Business Management in Rhode Island while learning how to invest &  trade. His journey as an investor lead him to uncover the inner workings of technical analysis through the successful endeavors of Mike Ford. With these combined trading styles, Codey has developed a unique swing trading strategy for the common trader.


Style: Investing
Email: jordan@tacticaltraders.com

Jordan  is a modern investor with a heavy background in technical indicators. Jordan’s ability to see the bigger picture on larger time frames has saved many from costly trades.   


Alias: Tactical Trader
Style: Day Trading
Email: mike@tacticaltraders.com

Mike is a Las Vegas native who migrated to Rhode Island. During his time here, he has become an accredited day trader with much success. His experience ranges from scaling multiple brokerage accounts to managing prop firm equity. The lifestyle of a day trader has awarded Mike the freedom to travel and trade as he pleases. 


Alias: Lion the Bold
Style: Long/Short Trading
Email: leon@tacticaltraders.com

Leon is a long time investor & stock trader from the Chicago area. His trading journey has shaped him into a versatile critical thinker. Spotting market trends, reversals and traps are just a few of the skills he helps traders navigate every day. 

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Yes! The Tactical Traders Discord channel has sourced educational material on Terminology, Technical Analysis and much more. Now you won’t need to sift through Youtube for hours on end for a nugget of information.   

Discord is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text via the internet. This is why Discord makes the perfect application to use when staying connected with traders across the globe. It specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.  

It takes hard work and determination to become a Tactical Trader. It all starts with your first step in the right direction, and that’s why we are here to help. Contact Us via email or social media for more information. 

All you need is a cell phone, laptop, or computer along with an internet connection and a trading account. If you don’t have money to trade with you can use a “paper trading” account that simulates real time trades.  

Tactical Traders follows all of the major indices and crypto markets. 

Your subscription allows you access to private alerts within Tactical Traders Discord channel. 

None… If it’s your first time trading, we recommended that you use a paper trading account to get used to placing trades and following alerts. When you are ready, it is recommended to start with $3,000-$5,000 and to trade with no more than 10% of your capital per trade.  

We have a $40 monthly subscription, $149.99 annual subscription and Free 1 Month Trial that allows access to the chat room and all of the channels.