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Podcast Master's Online Radio Success Story

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Online radio is the wave of the future; This portable method of getting the latest news, sports scores, talk radio shows, and other programs of your favorite topics has evolved into what can be considered the perfect medium for entertainment purposes. It gives the same experience as being at the radio station while listening to your favorite host; Online radio is either live pre-played MP3 audio files or live broadcasts through a line transmitted via the Internet. With online radio, no geographic boundaries or major syndication partners are needed, so you didn't run a single station for your favorite show.

With this type of broadcasting, online radio stations are able to realize an advantage over their terrestrial competition as it eliminates many of the hassles associated with overhead and distribution costs. There are no additional equipment costs, so every listener sees the benefit of being able to listen live at no additional cost. Listeners no longer have to worry about a program that cares about choosing not to listen, and no matter where they live, there is no need to visit a radio station. All they need is a laptop or personal computer, a high-speed internet connection, and a web browser.

Listen to online radio on your PC or Mac, with a high-speed or high-speed Internet connection and a browser. Streaming Music through your laptop has never been easier. Listen to your favorite streaming audio on your iPod, or connect your laptop or notebook computer to your home stereo system so you can hear every song just like you would in person. There are no geographic restrictions and listeners anywhere can tune in at any time of the day or night.